Mole Under-Floor Cleaning Tool

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Cleaning your grainstore thoroughly before storing new harvests is essential in keeping pests down and keeing the quality of your grain high.

Cleaning every part of yoru grain drying system thoroughly also makes your grain drying more efficient - you can dry more quickly with less fuel.

Proper drying can also help keep the quality of your grain up.

The Big Brute Mole makes it easy to clean the ducts beneath drive-over drying floors, saving you money on your grain drying and keeping up the quality of your grain.

The Big Brute Mole is custom-built for you so that it fits perfectly down your ducts, helping to keep them clear and removing debris that could shelter pests.

The Big Brute Mole can be made for semi-circular ducts or rectangular ducts.

Start saving money on your grain drying costs with the Big Brute Mole.

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Big Brute Mole

1. Big Brute Mole

Easily clean beneath drive-over drying floors and ducts with the Big Brute Mole.