Sucking Up Water and Sludge

Suck up waste water and liquids quickly. The Big Brute Floodman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner was designed to clean up flood water from cellars and flooded properties. The Big Brute Floodman tackles water and sludge quickly. Its automatic pump-out rapidly empties the drum, without having to stop to empty it - floodwater is removed more quickly.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have a number of models that will cope with all the wet waste you'll need to clean up.

The Big Brutes will cope with water, oil and sludges with ease, even those containing lumps and other solids.

Liquid waste is also extremely heavy - the Big Brutes also give you a number of different ways of emptying wet loads safely and easily, without making your staff lift heavy loads.

If you need to recover liquids for pumping out into your own vessels, the Big Brutes also let you pump out liquids with control into your own containers. Ideal for recovering liquids that mustn't be spilled or go down drains.

Big Brute Wet & Dry

The Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner gives you the most flexible cleaning, coping with both dry and wet waste plus water and other liquids.

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Big Brute Suck & Dump (Wet & Dry)

The Big Big Brute Suck & Dump (Wet & Dry) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner solves the problems of empyting heavy liquid wastes safely and without mess.

Suck up liquids and lumps and then move the full Big Brute over your collecting vessel with your forklift.

Empties safely and quickly, without mess.

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Big Brute Suck & Pump

Suck up liquids and then pump them out with full control into your own vessels or containers with the Big Brute Suck & Pump Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

Ideal for recovering liquids with control and no mess.

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Big Brute Floodman

The Big Brute Floodman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner gives the ultimate in rapid cleaning of large volumes of water from flooded properties.

Suck up and pump out continuously without stopping to empty the machine.

Also ideal for continuous cleaning operations where cleaning just can't be stopped.

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Other videos

Big Brute Floodman

1. Big Brute Floodman

The ultimate in rapid recovery and removal of water and liquids from floods or continuous cleaning operations. The Big Brute Floodman has simultaneous suction and pumping with flow rates up to 1 gallon per second.

Big Brute Wet & Dry

2. Big Brute Wet & Dry

The Big Brute Wet & Dry is perfect for sludge, thick mud as found in blocked gulleys.

Big Brute Suck & Pump

3. Big Brute Suck & Pump

The Big Brute Suck & Pump is ideal for the recovery and handling of liquids with some solids. With variable discharge rate for accurate and clean decanting into your own containers.