Big Brute Skip Tip


Product information

The Big Brute Skip Tip is the ideal for emptying heavy loads from your full Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

The Big Brute Skip Tip trolley accepts the tines of your forklift or telehandler so you can lift a full Big Brute safely and easily.

Move the Skip Tip up and over your skips or high-sided hoppers.

Hydraulic controls mean you can tip the entire Big Brute drum over, carefully and with full control, to empty completely into your skip.

There's no manual handling involved so it's safer to empty - no need to struggle to empty it.

There's no mess as you can tip it over and empty it with full control.

And it's faster to empty it so you can get cleaned up faster and with less cost.

It's the ideal solution to safely empty heavy waste loads from your full Big Brute.

The Ideal Solution for HST Feeds

HST Feeds Ltd of Crewe found the Big Brute Skip Tip to be the ideal solution to keep their animal feed plant clean and meet all their health and safety requirements.

So much so that they bought two.

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Suitable Applications

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Skip Tip Trolley

1. Skip Tip Trolley

Use your forklift to empty wet or dry waste from your Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners safely and without mess.