Big Brute 3-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Big Brute 3-Phase is the ultimate Big Brute for industrial cleaning.

Its 3-phase motors give exceptional cleaning power for tackling the heaviest of industrial wastes.

Its multiple filtration levels ensure you get the best cleaning possible - it can even be fitted with a HEPA filter for the ultimate in cleaning.

The Big Brute 3-Phase is available in both Dry and Wet & Dry versions to tackle virtually anything in industrial cleaning.

Big Brute in the UK were approached by a UK-based waste recycling processor who runs several waste recycling plants. They wanted wanted an industrial vacuum cleaner that could suck away sludge and waste goo from under the working machinery without having to stop the machinery while they cleaned up. They were originally doing this with with a shovel and broom, needing to shut the down machinery several times a day. We modified a standard waste skip as a Big Brute Interceptor and connected it up to a Big Brute 3-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - it ate everything put in front of it.
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Other videos

Big Brute 3-Phase Interceptor

1. Big Brute 3-Phase Interceptor

The Big Brute 3-Phase Interceptor developed for cleaning out a UK-based waste recycling plant.

Big Brute 3-Phase (Wet)

2. Big Brute 3-Phase (Wet)

The Big Brute Barbarian (Wet) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a 3-phase vacuum cleaner for the ultimate in wet cleaning.